Report: Davis, Ingram, Mitchell and Tatum to Receive Max Contracts

The NBA's free agency period opens up officially at 6pm and the money will be flying around the league. From restricted free agents to unrestricted, players are going to be PAID and these four players in particular are going to be set up for life. 

The league set it's salary cap to $109,140,000 for the 2020-21 season meaning the max contracts available for these players looks a lot like last season.

It's based on years of experience, meaning any player with 6 years or less experience heading into next season can sign with his own team for $27,285,000. If you have 7-9 years of experience you can be paid $32,742,000 and if you have 10+ years of experience you can make $38,199,000 per year.

Davis is really the only one to keep an eye on here as there's potential he only signs a two-three year deal with the Lakers and keeps his options open once LeBron James retires. Don't expect his announcement to come on Friday night and could take roughly 10 days to agree on his deal. 

Regardless, these dudes are getting paid and good for them! Secure the bag fellas!

Photo credit: Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire