Russell Westbrook Already Setting the Tone With the Wizards

Russell Westbrook hasn't been in Washington long, but his impact has already been felt. The superstar point-guard has been reunited with his old head coach, Scott Brooks and with the supporting cast on the Wizards, there's a chance the team makes some noise in the east.

While there's not many more intense than Westbrook on the court, the 32-year-old has shown up and set the tone in Washington, right out of the gate. Westbrook showed up over two hours early to the teams' first practice and was extremely vocal during the drills according to his new/old head coach.

Coach Brooks had this to say about having Westbrook back on his bench:

It definitely felt like old times. I’m sure the players didn’t realize that’s what he does. You could tell everybody locked in and everybody raised their level up. They will know this was not because it was the first day. This is who he is, this is how he prepares, this is how he gets ready. He’s always like that.

Westbrook is enjoying his new lease on life, and if you have him in the pool, expect the stats sheet to be filled up each and every night.

 Photo credit:  Icon Sports Media

His smile says it all....