Rockets Trade James Harden in Four Team Trade

The James Harden saga is now over in Houston, as he has been dealt to the Brooklyn Nets as part of a 4 team trade involving the Houston Rockets, Brooklyn Nets, Indiana Pacers and Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Reaction on Twitter has been swift...  

The Nets now have their Big 3 in place and will look to push for the NBA Championship with Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The franchise has traded each of their 1st round picks between 2014-2027, with the exception of the 2017 NBA Draft when they took Jarrett Allen - who they just traded away. Will Brooklyn miss the defense of Allen down low, or will DeAndre Jordan be able to turn back the clock?

Houston has come away with 8! 1st round picks between 2021-2027 as well as Victor Oladipo, who will combine with John Wall to make a dynamic backcourt. Both players are former All-Stars coming off major injuries and looking to prove to the rest of the NBA that they belong back in the mid-season showcase. 

Both the Cavaliers (LeVert) and Pacers (Allen) received pieces that will help them right now, and in the future. LeVert showed All-Star potential last year when both Durant and Irving were out, while Allen has proven to a double-double machine with solid defense over the last 2+ years.  

The trade will have an impact on the league for years to come, and we cannot wait to see the new-look Nets in action.

Photo Credit:  Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire