Rumor: James Harden to be Traded to Brooklyn!

Well after a couple of long months for James Harden of the Houston Rockets, he may be getting the address change he was hoping for. According to multiple reports, the Brooklyn Nets and Houston Rockets are closing in on a deal and the Rockets are going to potentially acquire four first-round picks and three pick swaps.

The Rockets are keeping Harden away from the team until a deal is finalized.

Harden let it be known to the world for essentially the first time after losing to the Lakers last night that he is not happy in Houston. And when John Wall shortly after mentions he has zero chemistry with Harden and hates playing with players who don't buy into the team, the trade is going to move faster now than ever.

Crazy that the Brooklyn Nets would considering bringing on Harden with all they have going on with Kyrie Irving. Irving is now being told by media members he should retire if he's not willing to play for over $30 million, meanwhile he's expected to miss his fourth straight game for personal reasons.

Back to the Harden trade, the money must add up to construct a deal in the NBA so expect to see some bodies heading to Houston and not just draft picks. Caris LeVert, Joe Harris and DeAndre Jordan? There's also been rumblings about Harden for Irving. Hang on to your hats people!

Especially if the 76ers jump in and offer Ben Simmons. Then everything could change!