Harden for Siakam Talks Heating Up

It is no secret that James Harden is unhappy in Houston, and would like to be moved.  It is also no secret that the Toronto Raptors are struggling to find consistency on the court, and rumours are swirling that both team captain Kyle Lowry and All-Star Paskal Siakam could potentially be on the move.

Paul Pierce recently suggested that the time is NOW for a potential Lowry trade, but it's the Siakam/Harden talks that seem to be picking up steam.  It was reported a few days ago that The Raptors made a "courtesy call" to check on the availability of the disgruntled 2018 MVP, which likely resulted in Houston naming Siakam as one of the pieces they would need to receive in order to consider moving Harden.  

I'm sure it would have to be Siakam. I'm not sure, let me step back, but I would guess that the Rockets would want Malachi Flynn and then you're looking at multiple first-round draft picks into the future. Probably lightly protected or unprotected.

While the potential 1-2 punch that a Harden-Siakam pairing could bring to the hardwood certainly has some Raptors fans salivating, this new development might fester some fans' excitement on the move.  If Lowry is also moved, this team would be left to forge a completely new identity without their current leader and would be forced to create a new one with a star player who may or may not want to be there long-term.  Sound familiar, Toronto fans?

In the event they did hold on to Lowry, perhaps the Raptors could attempt to lure in a 3rd All-Star to play alongside what could be an intriguing backcourt.  If Lowry can stay healthy and productive in his age-34 season, and Harden brings his A-game to the 6ix, things could get real interesting north of the border.  

Stay tuned for updates.

Photo credit: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire