Video: James Harden Introduced in Brooklyn, Claps Back at Wall and Cousins

The Brooklyn Nets revealed their prized jewel on Friday as the team introduced James Harden. The superstar who was rumored to be traded to the Nets for months, finally made his way to his preferred destination and spoke to the media.

Among some quotes regarding how great of shape he's in, accompanied by some chuckles, Harden spoke about playing with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Along with how well the three will mesh, one of the topics that came up were his ex-teammates in Houston.

More specifically, John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins, who are long time friends and both made their way to Houston this season. Here's what Harden had to say about Cousins and Wall calling him disrespectful for his parting words before the deal:

Photo credit: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire