Video: Demarcus Cousins Calls Out James Harden

Demarcus Cousins isn't known for holding his tongue, and prior to this afternoon's blockbuster trade, he let his feelings be known about how he and his teammates feel about James Harden and the events that have transpired over the last several weeks.

Cousins most likely reached his breaking point after Harden essentially said he's given up on the team, and "Boogie" stayed respectful, but he certainly made it known that he doesn't have much love for the former league MVP.  In direct response to Harden's comments, the 6'10" center had this to say to ESPN:

This is the nasty part of the business that kind of gets swept under the rug. You deal with some of these things. When guys are in positions of being franchise players or whatever the case may be, it's usually sometimes a nasty breakup

He went on to say the disrespect started long before last night's comments:

Just the approach to training camp, showing up the way he did, the antics off the court, the disrespect started way before [Tuesday night],

Thankfully for Cousins and the rest of the Houston Rockets, the team scored big both in the now and in the future, acquiring 2-time All-Star Victor Oladipo and a number of first-round picks and pick-swaps.  Maybe the good news will encourage the former Kentucky Wildcat to keep his cool on the floor - as he has already been ejected twice this season.  

Photo credit: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire