Wizards Bradley Beal is Sick and Tired of Losing

The Washington Wizards made a blockbuster trade as the 2021 NBA season was kicking off that saw long-time Wizard John Wall head to Houston and Russell Westbrook head to Washington. While some questioned the move and wondered how this would all play out, it's hard to say anyone saw this coming.

The Wizards are currently the worst team in the NBA with a 3-11 record and regardless of how many points Brady Beal is putting up, the team is still getting blown out on a regular basis.

Wednesday night is a perfect example. Beal finished with 47 points, six assists and and four rebounds and the Wiz still lost by 18 to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Beal met with the media after the loss and didn't hold back on his feelings. It was obvious with his body language at the end of the game he was frustrated and his comments confirmed so:

I gotta be better with that. You guys, media is gonna blow everything up - rightfully so. I'm mad about losing. If I'm sitting there laughing and smiling, what is the media gonna say then? It’s tough. We wanna win. I wanna win. This is why I stayed. I wanna win (here). I figure this is the place I can get it done

The Wizard play the Atlanta Hawks on Friday, and Beal brings his 35.4 points per game into the matchup. While he may lead the league, it's obvious he needs some help to secure some dubs.

Photo credit:  © Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports