76ers Joel Embiid Calls Out Lakers' LeBron James

In what could potentially be a preview of the 2021 NBA Finals the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers battled it out on Wednesday, with the 76ers holding on 107-106.

While the game was full of clutch plays, big shots, and highlight reel sequences, the play everybody is talking about is LeBron James fouling Joel Embiid. 

Embiid went up for a dunk and James wanted no part of it, slamming the big-man into the court. Needless to say, Embiid was pissed, and you can't really blame him for feeling that way.

That’s a very dangerous play. I guarantee if that was me I would have probably been ejected from the game.

And while Embiid certainly wasn't the same after the play, he was strong enough to nail Anthony Davis with an elbow later in the game, landing himself his own flagrant.

Here's a look at one of the craziest games of the year:

Photo credit: © Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports