Adam Silver Opens up About All-Star Game

The NBA has announced that the All-Star Game is moving forward as planned, and Adam Silver has backed up the decision with an appearance on ESPN's The Jump with Rachel Nichols. During the interview, Silver stated: 

It's a global event for us, and we're making our best efforts to embrace all aspects of our league to the extent we can through this pandemic and this is just one more opportunity. I'll add that of course I'm listening to those who don't think it's a good idea, and I think that's been the cases in terms of essentially everything we've done since we shut down [nearly] a year ago because of the pandemic.

There are many people against the idea of having the NBA All-Star Game this year, including Atlanta's Mayor.
A variety of players have also openly discussed their objection to the All-Star Game, including LeBron James, De'Aaron Fox and Karl-Anthony Towns. Kawhi Leonard argued the league was "putting money over health" and both Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden have voiced their displeasure. 

Of course, one of the caveats to the weekend festivities is that there is to be no socializing off-court during the weekend. 
On The Jump, Silver spoke about the differing opinions on the game: 

There were obviously those who thought we shouldn't play without fans, thought we shouldn't play in the bubble, thought we shouldn't be playing in a very serious way because of the social justice issues roiling this country. So I certainly hear the other side of this issue here. And I'll lastly say it seems like no decisions during this pandemic come without uncertainty and come without risk. This is yet another one of them, and yet it's my job to balance all those interests and ultimately it feels like the right thing to do to go forward.

One thing to keep in mind, of course, is that the NBA Commissioner (along with Commissioners of all leagues) is employed by the owners, not the players or fans. He also reports into a Board of Directors, which is run by the owners. When Silver speaks about balancing the interests of all parties involved, he is heavily skewing his thought process to make his employers (the owners) happy. Steph Curry said it best:

It’s a business and we understand that. We know what we all signed up for. We know it’s happening and we know we’re required and expected to be there, and that is what it is.

Meanwhile, Adam Silver will be trying to protect the owners pockets...  

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports