Video: Knicks Fans Go Crazy in the Streets Of New York After Defeating Pacers

The New York Knicks defeated the Indiana Pacers on Saturday night and the has now moved to the elusive .500 mark as they sit with 17 wins and 17 losses. While this wouldn't normally be big news of any kind, Knicks fans ended up taking to the streets to celebrate after the game.

Yes....after their team went to 17-17 on the season, fans flooded the streets to celebrate as there hasn't really been much to celebrate around the team in recent years. But come on...this is next level.

Imagine if the team actually wins a playoff game? Or if they ended up getting hot and winning 10 games in a row or something. 

Let's get real, if they win anything of substance, the Big Apple won't be ready for what's coming:

Photo credit: © Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports