Latest Update on Cavs' Andre Drummond Trade Rumors

The Cleveland Cavaliers are doing things their way as the team decided they were committed to trading center Andre Drummond but wanted him to sit out games until a deal was constructed.

The sad's taken more than two weeks and still nothing appears to be close and meanwhile Drummond is basically getting out of 'game shape' for his next team. This move is essentially hurting the Cavs more than they think and we wouldn't be surprised if some form of grievance isn't filed by Drummond and his Agent.

Drummond saw his minutes decline on February 10th and knew then the writing was on the wall. In the 25 games he's appeared in, the 6'10 27-year-old has averaged 17.5 points and 13.5 rebounds per game.

Drummond's $28.75 million contract appears to big the biggest stumbling block to construct the deal and it's likely a third team will be needed to facilitate a deal.

At this point the Raptors and Celtics appear to be the front-runners for Drummond's services.

The trade deadline is March 25th, let's hope for Drummond's sake he's dealt long before.

Photo credit: © David Richard-USA TODAY Sports