Video: LeBron James Suffers First-Ever 1st Round Playoff Exit; Leaves Court Without Handshakes


For the first time in a legendary career, LeBron James has failed to get out of the first round of the playoffs, as the Phoenix Suns eliminated the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers last night in 6 games. 

And the final scenes left a sour taste for many, as LeBron left the court after the buzzer with no handshakes for the victorious Suns. 


Being called "a coward" is not the way LeBron would have wanted to go out this season. It's the second straight game he exited the court early, following his walkoff with five minutes to play in a Game 5 blowout loss.

To be fair, he did meet up with and congratulate Devin Booker after Game 6, the man who dropped 47 points to lead the Suns to the victory. 

What's next for LeBron? The Monstars/Goon Squad, of course:

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports