Scott Brooks Rant After Latest Fan Incident: "Stay home. Your thinking is barbaric!"

Washington Wizards coach Scott Brooks sounded off last night after yet another unruly fan incident at his team's Game 4 win over Philadelphia. During his 5-minute rant, he had a direct message specifically for those bad seeds in the crowd: "Stay home. Your thinking is barbaric."

The Wizards' coach also commended the arena security who tackled the fan, calling it a "great tackle.... That was first-class."

Brooks said if he would have done "something that stupid" when he was a kid, his mom would have "ripped off the nearest branch and it would be on my behind."

Brooks' players were also colorful in their reaction to the latest spectator follies.
"You can tell those people have been in some sort of captivity for the last year, year and change, right?" Robin Lopez said. "It’s kind of wild to see the liberties people are taking."

Bradley Beal lamented the loss of a fast-break in this latest incident, saying it "p***ed me off."

The last word goes to Brooks, who summed it up this way: "I'm tired of it. We all deserve better."

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports