Richard Jefferson Calls Out Kevin Garnett For Saying Kyrie Irving Was Disrespectful

NBA champion and ESPN analyst Richard Jefferson has no qualms when it comes to voicing his opinion, even if it involves disagreeing with Hall of Famers. In a recent tweet, Jefferson called out Kevin Garnett for his vitriolic comments concerning Nets star Kyrie Irving and his decision to blatantly stomp on the Celtics' logo at the end of Game 4. 

The former Cavalier pointed out that Garnett "has done far more disrespectful things on the court than what Kyrie Irving did." He further noted that he has been privy to the former MVP's impudent behavior and is fully aware of what it means to cross the proverbial line. 


Garnett's comments about Irving stemmed from him feeling as if the 29-year-old got off scotch free for his actions.

So nobody going to say anything about Kyrie stomping on 'Lucky?' Garnett wrote Monday on Instagram. We just gonna act like we didn't say that.

You can't do that. The 15-time All-Star continued. That's not cool on no level .. All of us need to do better.

Photo Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports