Mavericks to Make Big Push for Kyle Lowry


It's well documented that Kyle Lowry is looking to get paid this offseason. Big-time. His demands are out there: $90 over 3 years. And as we know, spending money is no problem for Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban. NBA Insider Marc Stein says the Mavs' post-draft focus will be on landing Kyle Lowry. 

As Stein mentions, re-signing their own free agent, Tim Hardaway Jr., is also big on the Dallas agenda. Hardaway Jr. averaged 16.6 PPG this season, and has maintained an impressive 39% from the three-point line for the past two seasons. He's been a key part of the team, and the Mavs want to bring him back. 

A ballhandler with championship pedigree to take some of the playmaking pressure off superstar Luka Doncic seems like a perfect fit to get this team to the next level. 

The Mavs are projected to have over $30 million to spend under the cap for this offseason, and that's definitely Lowry territory. 

Photo Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports