Damian Lillard Responds To Fan On Twitter: Don't Bet On A Trade To The Lakers!

While rumors about Damian Lillard's future continue to swirl around social media—will he or won't he demand a trade from the Portland Trail Blazers?—one thing we can be pretty sure of today is that Lillard will not be heading to the Los Angeles Lakers. Because Dame pretty much said so himself. 

When @TakeFlightG5 wrote on Twitter "How much y’all wanna bet that before the NBA season starts the lakers will STILL get Damian lillard lol", we doubt he expected to hear from Lillard himself with the answer.

"Bet a Million," was Dame's answer. Betting that sum of money makes him sound pretty confident that he won't be suiting up next to LeBron in a Lakers uniform this season. 

Back in July, while training with the Olympic Team in Las Vegas, Lillard addressed the trade rumors—sort of—by saying, "A lot of things are being said. It hasn’t come from me. I haven’t made any firm decision on what my future will be.”

Of course, for the rumor mill, all that's done is dragged things out even longer. No "firm decision" on his future, means that anything is still fair game. 

As for Thursday's tweet, all we know for sure is that Lillard doesn't see himself in purple and gold. But does it mean that he still won't ask for a trade before the season begins? 

The fact is, earlier this week Lillard made it clear that Portland is still not the championship caliber team he'd like them to be, as they weren't able to get "some of the guys that we would have liked" in free agency, according to Dame. 

Will Lillard still be a Trail Blazer come opening night? Now that's a bet worth speculating on. 

Photo Credit:  Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports