League Sources Expect Adam Silver To Step Into Ben Simmons Fiasco

Will the NBA get involved in the Ben Simmons fiasco? It's been made clear by the Simmons camp that he will not, under any circumstances, be reporting to Philadelphia 76ers training camp next week, nor will he ever play for them again. According to NBA Insider Marc Stein, there's a chance that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver could step in to the situation before it gets even uglier.

Stein asks, "Would Commissioner Adam Silver go beyond exerting mere backchannel pressure on Simmons to report, and step in to sanction him if he doesn’t? Several league insiders think so."

What this means exactly is unclear, but there's no doubt the league doesn't want its star players, with four years left on their contracts, holding out from training camp or games. 

The Sixers have the ability to fine Simmons for any days or games missed, and that could add up significantly if the holdout goes on for a lengthy period. 

As reported by Adrian Wojnarowski, the Sixers have their team rules which would allow them to fine Simmons for missing Media Day (next Monday) and any practices. Once pre-season games begin, they could even suspend him, per Woj, for "failing to render services." That would cost him over $227,000 per game. 

Because of a clause in Simmons' contract, he is actually due to receive half of his $33 million dollar salary by Oct. 1st. But will the Sixers hold some of that salary back? 

Sixers fans are getting pretty fed up with Simmons' act, and are happy for the team to call his bluff.

We'll have our eyes glued to this soap opera as Media Day hits on Monday. 

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports