Report: Ben Simmons Could Report To Sixers, Fake Injury To Avoid Fines


There's seemingly a new twist to the Ben Simmons Saga every moment. After the Philadelphia 76ers declined to pay their holdout guard the $8.25 million that he was due on Friday, Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer is reporting that Simmons is considering actually reporting to Sixers camp, but then feigning an injury, circumventing the team's ability to fine him. 

While the Sixers seem to be within their rights to withhold pay if Simmons does not report for work, "there have been growing whispers this week among NBA sources with knowledge of the situation that Simmons could respond by actually reporting to Philadelphia in the coming days, but maintaining that he is injured and unable to compete," wrote Fischer. 

Simmons has, indeed, had some injuries the past couple of seasons, to his knee and back, and he could claim that one of them has made him unable to practice or play. A team is not permitted to withhold pay to an injured player who is in fact with the team. 

This all could come to a head sooner than later, as the Sixers' first pre-season game is on Monday, in Toronto against the Raptors. As Fischer notes, "there's a belief held in league circles that Simmons may even rejoin the Sixers prior to that contest."

His reunion with Joel Embiid, amongst others, would be interesting to watch, indeed. 

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports