Celtics Literally Apologize To Trail Blazers After Kicking Their As*!


Needless to say, the Portland Trail Blazers are going through some tough times this season. Their team president resigned, their GM was just fired for "workplace misconduct", Damian Lillard is off to a rough start, and is currently injured. 

So when the Boston Celtics' bench ran up the score late in Saturday night's 145-117 blowout, Boston head coach Ime Udoka was a little embarrassed. So much so, that he personally apologized to Blazers' bench boss Chauncey Billups after the game. 

“We got three offensive rebounds and were getting (shots) back up with 10, nine seconds left - (we should) hold that and respect the game," said Udoka, a Portland native. "So I did apologize to Chauncey for that. Didn’t mean for it to get out of hand like that. That’s when things can get heated on the court. You’d like a little more understanding."

What caused all the ruckus was an actual feel-good story, however. 

Portland-area native Payton Pritchard, the 2nd-year Celtics guard, was putting on the "hometown hero" performance of a lifetime in front of family and friends. Pritchard went on a three-point shooting spree, to pour in 16 points in the 4th quarter. It even got to the point that his Celtics teammates were given a technical for their wild celebrations on the bench.

The feel-good feelings weren't lost on Udoka, while trying not to cross a line. “You want to see (Pritchard) do well - the crowd is very supportive of a hometown hero, basically,” Udoka said. “Got a little out of hand to some extent with our guys getting over-zealous and getting a technical. I told them in the locker room to keep that professional.”

For Pritchard, however, it was a much-needed experience. He was averaging just 1.6 points per game thus far this season, on 21% FG shooting. So the 19-point outburst in his home state felt pretty good. And a good time was had by all. Except Chauncey Billups and the Trail Blazers players.

Photo Credit: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports