76ers Joel Embiid Pays Fine for Pelicans' Jose Alvarado

Not only is Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers one of the best teammates in the NBA he also happens to be a real nice guy. Embiid and Jose Alvarado of the New Orleans Pelicans received double technical fouls during Tuesday's game and were both fined for receiving technical fouls due to incident. The fine was a $2,000 penalty but Alvarado won't have to worry about it as the 76ers big man has him covered.

Embiid spoke to reporters about the gesture and mentioned how the Pelicans guard has a strong work ethic which has impressed the 76er:

I just like his energy. He plays hard. He competes. Even when he picked up the tech, he wasn't backing down. After the game, I just went up to him and told him to keep fighting and keep it going and obviously, that other part. ... I just felt like the least I can do because I made him pick up a tech and he doesn't make as much as other guys in the league

Alvarado called the incident just a couple of hoopers hoopin' and admitted there was no hard feelings and it was heat of the moment type stuff. He's earning $462,629 on the season as he's on a two-way contract so you know he certainly appreciated the gesture.  Embiid earns $31.6 million in 2021-22 and now the two have this bond forever.

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports