Video: Carmelo Anthony Calls Out "Unacceptable" Fans in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia 76ers fan base is one of the most passionate in all over sports but there's never any need to cross the line. If you ask Carmelo Anthony of the Los Angeles Lakers, that's exactly what took place on Thursday night as the Lakers forward had some courtside fans removed from the game. 

Anthony would meet with the media after the team's 105-87 loss to the 76ers and talked about what took place court side with a couple of fans who were escorted out:

Some things were said. Unacceptable. I'm cool with fans heckling, fans talking trash, cheering for their team, booing the other team, I'm all for that. But when you cross certain lines, as a man, you just, that's what you're going to see. That's what you're going to get, as you saw there.

'Melo' was seen confronting two fans courtside nearly five minutes into the fourth quarter after some chirps that included the fans calling the Laker 'boy'. Play stopped and a scene was made, and next thing you know security is escorting a couple of fans out the building. 

The Lakers forward mentioned afterwards that he normally enjoys his trips to Philly and thinks Wells Fargo Arena is one of the best buildings in the league. However this time around was too much and crossed the line. 

Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports