Former Laker Danny Green on L.A.'s Struggles: "You can't make guys not turn the ball over..."

Danny Green has been the prototypical 3-and-D guard on a number of successful teams, winning championships with the Spurs, Raptors and Lakers, respectively.  The sharpshooter has made a career out of playing sound, fundamental defence and hitting open shots - two things that sound simple, yet so few players actually do both on a consistent basis.  Lakers head coach Frank Vogel is rumored to be on the hot seat, which Green thinks is ludicrous given what he's seen from the team this year.  He spoke candidly on his podcast Inside The Green Room regarding Frank Vogel and the Lakers:

Green is adamant that Vogel is a very good coach, and it's circumstance more than anything that is causing the team to underperform:
He’s been dealt – I don’t want to say a bad hand – but it’s a situation where it’s hard to figure out, especially with injuries, Covid. He hasn’t had some of his best players in the lineup yet, and he’s getting blamed for a lot of things that I don’t think are his fault at all.

Later in the clip he breaks down what he thinks are three fundamental things that the Lakers simply aren't doing right now, and coaching can't fix that:

You can’t make guys make shots. You can’t make guys not turn the ball over. You can’t make guys play defence. Those are three major things that you need to win a basketball game.

Green now plays for the Philadelphia 76ers, but he knows Vogel and some of the other Lakers players very well, as he was part of their 2020 Championship team.  It's hard to argue his point, if the Lakers players don't do the basic things required to win games, it doesn't matter who is coaching in Los Angeles.  

Photo Credit: © Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports