Kendrick Perkins Confirms James Harden Wants Out of Brooklyn; Harden Responds To Rumors

The report sent shockwaves through the NBA on Tuesday — James Harden is not too pleased with his time with the Brooklyn Nets thus far. He's unhappy with Kyrie's part-time status, he's unhappy with coach Steve Nash's rotations, and he's unhappy with Brooklyn, the city. 

Harden was asked about the rumors which we reported on yesterday, and his response was one of those denials-without-really-denying it:

"Reports from who? I don't know what you're talkin' about," said Harden. Then, "Did you guys hear it from me? I don't know about no reports." 

Did he come out and say the reports are "false", or that he has no problems with his coach? Um, not really. 

Then former player and now ESPN NBA insider and talking head Kendrick Perkins came out on Wednesday on the All The Smoke podcast and confirmed the story, not only that Harden is unhappy in Brooklyn, but that he does indeed want to go to Philadelphia: 

Say what you want about Perk, but he IS connected. And he was a teammate of Harden's in Oklahoma City.

“This is real life, this is not rumors... James Harden’s camp was telling people in Philly, ‘We want to come play with Embiid next year'," said Perkins. "This ain’t no lie, this facts.” 

He followed that up later in the day, with "If I'm James Harden I’m ready to get the hell out. … I don’t blame him for being frustrated right now. Hell, I don’t blame him if he leaves this summer to be honest because he deserves better.”

Maybe Sixers president Daryl Morey knows what he's doing, after all...