NBA Rumors: Knicks Put 3 Players On Trade Block


The New York Knicks are ready to do some more wheeling and dealing. After a rumor on Thursday that they're open to listening to offers on supposed team centerpiece Julius Randle, word is now circulating that they've put veterans Kemba Walker, Evan Fournier, and Alec Burks on the trade block.

NBA insider Brian Windhorst explains there's a good reason for it: 

“In conversations this week with teams, the Knicks have expressed a willingness to trade some of their veterans," said Windhorst, "that includes Kemba Walker, Evan Fournier, Alec Burks... And there's a reason for it:

"They traded for Cam Reddish two weeks ago, and he is not getting minutes in the rotation from Tom Thibodeau... It's just too crowded, and they're not playing well with what they have."

Reddish, in fact, has only played a total of 15 minutes in two weeks. Sounds like a power play from the front office to give Tibs no choice but to play Reddish, if they move out the players ahead of him in the rotation.

The 22-year-old Reddish was certainly excited to be coming to the Knicks, expecting to get a chance to shine. As a two-way player with good upside, it seemed like a no-brainer for the Knicks as well. But Tibs just hasn't been able to get Reddish on the floor.

By Feb. 10th (trade deadline), that should all change. 

Photo Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports