NBA Rumors: Sixers Looking To Package Tobias Harris In Ben Simmons Trade

Try and put this one through the Trade Machine: The Philadelphia 76ers are hoping to include Tobias Harris in any trade with Ben Simmons. 

NBA insider Brian Windhorst reported that, in lieu of being able to secure what they were originally hoping for in return for the disgruntled Simmons, they want to package Harris in a deal. Their salaries, together, add up to about $72M.

"Because they can't necessarily get an All-Star," explained Windhorst, "as the Sixers have continued their talks, they have talked to teams about trading Tobias and Ben. That's $72M. Which means you'd need $56M or so to trade out" to make the salaries work.

"Ha ha. That's a lot of money, man," laughed fellow insider Marc Spears. "It's already complicated enough to trade Ben Simmons... I can only imagine (a GM) getting that call from Daryl Morey: 'Woah, woah, woah, wait! Can we just talk to you about Ben?'"  

In fact, Spears reports that the Atlanta Hawks, who we reported on Monday were involved in talks with Philly, lost interest when Harris' name was brought into the mix. "So you give up John Collins, and what, the rest of the team?" laughed Spears. 

Trading Ben Simmons just got a whole lot more complicated.

Photo Credit:  Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports