NBA Rumors: These 2 Star Players "Are NOT Moving The Needle" For Sixers in Simmons Talks


There have been some big names of late entering the Ben Simmons sweepstakes, as Philadelphia 76ers president Daryl Morey holds out for an "all-star return." The Atlanta Hawks' John Collins and the Indiana Pacers' Domantas Sabonis have been two star players who've been rumored to be offered for the hold-out guard. 

But according to NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, those two, among others, are not going to get it done. 

"Domanta Sabonis in Indiana, and John Collins in Atlanta," says Woj, "that's not going to move the needle at this point for Ben Simmons.

The sticking point, reports Woj, is that positionally, it really doesn't work, what with another power forward in Tobias Harris still around. This, of course, is one reason why we heard yesterday that Philly is looking to ship Harris out of town, maybe in a package deal with Simmons.  

"For Philly it doesn't make any sense, hypothetically, if they took any of those guys on (as power forwards), in big deals, and to still have Tobias Harris on your roster at the same position, making closer to $40M a year over the following two seasons."

For the Atlanta Hawks' part, it's not clear that they would actually even want to make that deal. "To me, says Hall of Fame NBA writer David Aldridge, "I wouldn't trade John Collins for Ben Simmons!... To add another non-shooter with Clint Capela? How does that work?" 

"And it takes the ball out of Trae (Young)'s hands," added fellow Athletic writer Marcus Thompson. "Is there any indication that Trae wants to give up the rock at all?"

"Ben Simmons for John Collins?," asked Yahoo Sports' Vincent Goodwill. "Who's saying no? Everybody!"

And on and on goes the debate over what to do with Ben Simmons.

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports