Video: Devin Booker Rattled By Raptors Mascot

Normally, NBA players have to shoot free throws on the road with thousands of screaming fans waving their arms, tossing things in the air, etc. And for the most part, it doesn't seem to bother them much. 

Now, with no fans in the building at Toronto's Scotiabank Arena these days, you'd figure that there are no distractions for opposing players to worry about. But Tuesday night, the Phoenix Suns' Devin Booker decided to take issue with The Raptor — yes, the team's furry mascot — waving his arms during his free throws. 

After his first free throw, Booker asked the refs to move the red dinosaur mascot away from his field of vision. And they did. He moved off to the corner. And Booker was able to hit his shots. But was this little jump and arm wave really that distracting to one of the best shooters in the NBA?

"I was just trying to get him outta the way," said Booker afterwards, while Jae Crowder laughed it up.  

Will this be a prolonged beef for Book & the Jurassic mascot? Nah.

"We hashed it out," Booker said. "We homies now. We're cool now."