Report: "Real Optimism" Kyrie Irving To Become Full-Time Player

For the first time this year, the Brooklyn Nets are feeling that there's a real chance they could have Kyrie Irving as a full-time player, at least in time for the playoffs. 

NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported on ESPN Sportscenter the following: 

I think ... as the months evolve between now and the All-Star break into the stretch run of the season and then into the playoffs that enough in the world could change where Kyrie Irving could become a full-time player again. I think that's real optimism within that organization.

The unvaccinated Irving is currently ineligible to play in Brooklyn home game due to the New York City vaccine mandate. Whether the optimism stems from the hope that the pandemic could ease up enough in the coming months to allow the city to ease up on the vaccine restrictions, or whether the team feels that Kyrie will eventually give in and get vaccinated so that he can participate in the playoffs, is unclear at this point.

One other option for the Nets, which would be a public relations disaster for them, is to pay a "nominal" fine each time he plays at home while unvaccinated. The fines are an absolute joke for an organization with the funding of the Brooklyn Nets.

Ranging from a "warning" up to a maximum of $5,000, the numbers are completely inconsequential for the Nets. But Wojnarowski does not expect the team to take that course. 

The playoffs begin in mid-April, only about 3 months away. 

Photo Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports