Steph Curry Having "PTSD" Over New Hand Injury

The Golden State Warriors were without Steph Curry for their loss in Minnesota on Sunday, after he suffered a hand injury against the Chicago Bulls on Friday. In fact, Curry didn't even accompany the team to the Twin Cities. 

Now we hear from Steph himself on the status of his injury: 

"I had some PTSD from two years ago when I landed... It felt kinda the same," said Curry. 

Two years ago, if you recall, Curry broke his right wrist, pretty much wiping out his entire season. 

"Anything that involves the hands—especially the right one—you're a little concerned. But, the feeling came back, the strength came back. It hurts, but I'll be alright." He ruled out anything serious, though will wait until there's no more pain before he returns to the lineup.

Curry can be seen shaking and holding his hand in pain after the injury. 

Warriors' head coach Steve Kerr was still hopeful that Curry would be able to play in the team's next game, Tuesday night against the Detroit Pistons. 

Draymond Green is out till at least the end of the month, and the Warriors have lost 5 of their last 7 games, most of those without Draymond. They can ill afford to be without Curry for long.