Video: LeBron Steals The Ball And Dunks Two Plays In A Row!

LeBron James recently turned 37 years old, and the 4x MVP continues to amaze on a nightly basis, performing feats of athleticism that are nearly unmatched by even the youngest of NBA players.  James is the greatest combination of speed and strength the NBA has ever seen, and those who were banking on his demise to come the closer he gets to 40, have yet to be proven correct.  

Father time is undefeated, as the old adage goes, but while LeBron's basketball IQ was expected to keep him playing at a high level into his late 30s, I don't think anyone expected the 6'9", 250 lb James to still be pulling off plays like he did last night.

The entire Los Angeles Lakers seemed to be energized by Anthony Davis' return from injury, specifically on defence where his 4 blocks helped set the tone.  LeBron made two incredibly-timed steals in a row leading to wide-open dunks during the 4th quarter that all but sealed the game, giving the Lakers a 15-point lead with 6:45 remaining in regulation.  

Watch the entire sequence here:

The Lakers went on to win 106-96 and will head to Philadelphia tomorrow night where they will try to win back-to-back games.  

Photo Credit: © Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports