DeMarcus Cousins To Get Another Contract

After going 5-0 in his five games, the Denver Nuggets are reportedly on the verge of extending DeMarcus Cousins another 10-day contract, league sources told The Denver Post

One of the key factors in the Nuggets' decision? No doubt the vote of confidence he's received from the defending league MVP, Nikola Jokic.

"He’s actually a really good guy. Fun to be around. Great personality," said Jokic. "He proved me wrong. I love him." 

The Joker added, while laughing, "Can get a little crazy when the refs' calls don't go his way..."

Certainly, Cousins' behavior on the court had no impact—in a negative way—on the Nuggets' decision. 

He's merely picked up 4 technical fouls and 1 ejection in those 5 games. Just Boogie being Boogie. Though he himself is tired of the Boogie-as-the-bad-guy narrative. 

"I absolutely hate it, I think it's unfair. But it is what it is.... I try every day to change the narrative. 

He'll now have another ten days to do it in Denver. 

Photo Credit:  Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports