NBA Rumors: Pacers Could Flip Rubio For More Assets

It appears that the injured Ricky Rubio's travels might not have come to a close with his trade from Cleveland to Indiana this week. A new report indicates that the Pacers could very well look to flip his expiring contract for more assets. 

"Indiana is searching for pathways to move Ricky Rubio's expiring contract, sources said, by taking on future salary in exchange for additional draft capital," writes Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report. 

Rubio suffered a torn ACL last month, ending his season; it was a brutal blow for Rubio and the Cavs, as he was playing a major role in Cleveland's renaissance this season to the upper tier of the East. Now, the 31-year-old's value is all tied up in his $17.8M expiring salary.

Indiana's Draft Capital Haul to Continue?

The Pacers already received a protected 1st-round pick from Cleveland in 2022, and a pair of 2nd-round picks in the Caris LeVert deal to acquire Rubio, now they'll look to spin it for even more.

In the end, it likely doesn't matter where Rubio ends up "on paper", as reports indicate his eventual destination this offseason, as a free agent, is to re-sign with the Cavaliers. 

Photo Credit:  Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports