"I'll Beat Your A**!": Altercation Goes Nuclear on Heat Bench

Things got more than a little heated on the Miami Heat bench Wednesday night during their 118-104 loss to the Golden State Warriors. Jimmy Butler got into it with coach Erik Spoelstra, Udonis Haslem got into it with Jimmy Butler, and practically everyone else got involved. Watch the entire incident, with captions:

Haslem began shouting at Butler "Yo a** ain't no f**king leader!" There was a lot of finger-pointing going on and teammates stepping in between them, as Haslem screamed in Butler's face "I'll beat your a**!" I'll beat your a**!" Kyle Lowry, however, wanted no part of it, and you can see him simply getting up and walking away from the team bench right in the middle of the blowout. 

The incident took place when the Warriors began the 3rd quarter on a 19-0 run, and tempers flared on the Heat bench during a timeout. Butler and Spoelstra can be seen arguing, while Haslem, the longest-serving Heat player, jumps in to start jawing with Butler as well. 

As for Lowry, always the statesman of the group, he was the only player talking after the incident and said"Listen, our guys really want to win basketball games and we have guys that work extremely hard. The passion comes out. The fire and the emotions come out sometimes. But like I said, to us it's nothing. We conversated and had a conversation and we continue to build."

No doubt many NBA fans will be "conversating" about this one for a while.