Kevin Durant Reacts to Ejection of Denver Nuggets Guard

Denver Nuggets guard Austin Rivers was ejected from their game against the Indiana Pacers in the most egregious way possible. And Kevin Durant did not hold back in expressing his thoughts of the ejection.

Just watch the clip below:

The Nets superstar is right. That's just downright embarrassing. And the commentator was spot on, too. That's as garbage of a call as anyone will ever see.

Rivers was thrown out early in the fourth quarter of the game.

Veteran official Tony Brothers issued the technical on the Nuggets guard for what seemed to be the softest reason ever. 

As you can see clearly, Rivers didn't even clock Lance Stephenson on that one. The referee also only seemed to call the tech when he saw the Pacers guard complaining.

That wound up to be Rivers' second technical of the night. He and Stephenson got into each others' faces a couple of possessions earlier, which earned them double technicals.

Rivers' night may have ended early, finishing with just three points in 19 minutes. 

But at least his Nuggets got the last laugh. Denver won the game 125-118 led by another MVP performance from Nikola Jokic. 

The Joker finished with 37 points on 15-of-19 shooting, to go along with 13 rebounds and nine assists.

With the win, Denver moves to 5th in the Western Conference.

Photo Credit: © Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports