Doc Rivers Blames James Harden For Sixers' Loss To Pistons

Hasn't Doc Rivers learned his lesson? His comments about Ben Simmons after last year's playoff exit were one of the primary reasons the All-Star guard bailed on the franchise. Now, after the Philadelphia 76ers loss to the woeful Detroit Pistons last night, Rivers seemed to pin the bench unit's struggles on the player they traded Simmons for, James Harden.

Well, they didn’t struggle. They didn’t get a lot of shots. You know, in their defense. I think during that stretch it was more James than them. So… yeah it’s just a tough night.

Trying to blame Harden for not getting the bench players shots is especially surprising, since this comes just after Rivers told Harden to be more of a scorer rather than a playmaker. 

Here's what Rivers had told The Beard about not worrying about getting others shots: “Don’t worry about everyone else. As long as you and Joel [Embiid] are in the right spots, we’ll figure out everyone else. But we need you to think of yourself as a scorer, not the way you played in Brooklyn, the way you were a point guard and trying to run the team.’"

Doc appears to have them scratching their heads in Philly once again.