NBA Rumors: The Pistons Are A Potential Suitor For Collin Sexton


Could we possibly be seeing Collin Sexton swap out his Cavaliers jersey in exchange for a Pistons jersey next season?

The Cavs combo guard will be a restricted free agent this offseason, and according to writer Chris Fedor, "multiple sources identified the Detroit Pistons as a potential Sexton suitor."


Fedor also went on to say that the Pistons are "one of the few teams with cap space and a jumbo backcourt partner (Cade Cunningham) that can mask some of the size limitations."

It's an interesting point from Fedor. Sexton already plays with an all-star guard in Darius Garland, but both Garland and Sexton make up an undersized Cavs backcourt (both standing at just over six feet tall) that can be easily exploited by teams featuring bigger guards.

With Cade Cunningham, the 2021 first overall pick offers great size at the guard position, which could more than make up for Sexton's height deficiencies, especially on the defensive end. 

On top of this, Cunningham proved this year to not only be a highly-skilled scorer, but he was also a great playmaker throughout the season, averaging 5.6 assists in his rookie season. Cade's strengths should open up Sexton's game and allow him to focus on what he does best, which is to be a walking bucket.

Sexton is averaging an impressive 20 ppg for his career, and scored a career-best 24.3 ppg back in the 2020-21 season. His ability to rack up points would surely be a welcome addition to a Pistons team looking to add more firepower to their young core.

And so, the big question is, would the Cleveland Cavaliers be willing to match any potential offer sheets to retain their 23-year-old guard?

On the one hand, scoring will always be a coveted skill in this league, and the Cavs know that Sexton can definitely bring that attribute to the team.

But, on the other hand, this Cavaliers team had a very successful year, achieving a winning season for the first time since LeBron was still on the team, and they accomplished this despite Sexton only being able to play in 11 games due to a torn meniscus in his knee.

As well, according to Fedor, sources add that Sexton could be looking for a big payday in the form of around $20 million per season, a pay raise that the Cavs may be potentially hesitant to offer Sexton, especially because he would be coming back from a significant injury. 

No matter which team ends up signing him, it will be fascinating to see what kind of interest teams have in Sexton, and whether they think he deserves a substantially larger pay increase or not.

Photo Credit: © Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports