NBA Rumors: Magic Guard Wants To Be Traded

It was supposed to happen at the 2021 trade deadline. Then in the offseason. Then at the 2022 trade deadline. But somehow, Terrence Ross is still with the rebuilding Orlando Magic. Now he's made it clear—he would like to be traded to a contender. There hasn't been an official trade demand, but Ross says it's not even necessary at this point, that the Magic are “well aware of that, so there’s no point.”

Ross told the Orlando Sentinel, “We’re definitely in different spots,” Ross said. “I feel like I’m a part of that old regime, and they’re going in a different direction. I don’t know what they’ve got in store for me. It’s hard to say. They don’t really let me know too much about what they’re doing. I’m kind of here just along for the ride.”

The 31-year-old expanded further on The Outta Pocket podcast, explaining that it's time for him to get to a more established situation, on a team that's ready to compete. "I’ve been through a few rebuilds already. I’m 10 years in. Time is kind of going against me at this point, so I don’t really want to stay in another rebuild."

His contributions in the past season took a big dip, as he averaged a 4-year low 10.0 points per game, and shot only 29% from the three-point line. It'll be interesting to see which teams might be interested in adding the veteran. His expiring $11.5M contract is working in his favor. 

Photo Credit: Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports