"You Ain't Playing No F**king Defense Out There!": Danny Green GOES OFF On Patrick Beverley

Danny Green has been talking a lot of smack this season, mostly on his former teammate with the Philadelphia 76ers, Ben Simmons. Now he's taken up the cause for Chris Paul, by trashing Patrick Beverley, who set the basketball world on fire with his vicious CP3 takes, including calling him "a cone" on defense. 

“People target you too, Pat Bev," an irritated said Green on his Inside The Green Room podcast. "You ain't playing no f**king defense out there. You ain’t stopping Luka. Time and time again I see Luka call your *ss...'He's too f**kin' small!' He goes right at you every chance he got. When you play Luka, you’re a cone too!” 

Green's co-host Harrison Sanford was loving the trash talk, making sure he was getting it all. "Is this recording? Is this recording?" he repeated. To which Green doubled-down, "Put it out there! I'll say it twice!"

Beverley has been shooting his mouth off since Monday, after the 37-year-old Paul's top-seeded Phoenix Suns were destroyed in Game 7 of their second-round series by Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks. Beverley simply trashed CP3. For which Pat Bev has been raked over the coals by many since then. Add Danny Green to the list. 

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports