NBA Rumors: Top 4 Player Option Decisions Due By End of June

Before free agency can begin this summer, NBA teams have to get a read on who's in and who's out. There are a number of crucial decisions to be made by players who have options for next season. June 29 is the deadline for them to decide. 

Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn, James Harden in Philadelphia, and Russell Westbrook in Los Angeles are the biggest names who have options, but their decisions aren't expected to impact free agency at large, as they will almost certainly end up with their current teams, either by picking up their hefty options, or possibly on a contract extension of some sort in the case of Irving and Harden. 

That said, let's have a look at 4 of the biggest decisions that can impact free agency:

Bradley Beal

There has been a lot of speculation as to what Beal might do; he's expressed his loyalty to the Washington Wizards, but at the same time, the 28-year-old three-time All-Star has said he's open to being recruited. 

Beal has a $36.4M option. 

Bobby Portis

The power forward signed a team-friendly 2-year, $9M contract with the Milwaukee Bucks coming off their championship in 2021, and in return, the team gave him an opt-out to re-enter free agency this summer. That's almost certainly what he'll do, as rumors have him estimated at being able to score a pact worth $12-$13M per year on the open market, though the Bucks may work out an extension for just under that mark.

Pat Connaughton

Another key piece of the Bucks' supporting cast, the shooting guard has a $5.7M option, but could have a strong market after the best season of his career, averaging 10 points and 40% shooting from three-point range. The Bucks hold his Bird rights, so it's most likely that he stays, with an extension.

PJ Tucker

The Miami Heat power forward and defensive beast has a $7.4M player option. And despite his great fit with the Heat, he intimated that he feels he's worth more than that. “It’s like, ‘Am I a mid-level guy?’” Tucker asked the Sun-Sentinel, in a manner that suggested, 'No, I'm worth much more'.

Photo Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports