What Is A 'Lisfranc' Injury And When Can Chet Holmgren Return?

It's not the kind of injury we hear about much in basketball. But the 'Lisfranc' injury that No. 2 overall pick Chet Holmgren suffered has officially ended his season, according to the Oklahoma City Thunder. So what is his recovery time? 

Sports injury expert Virginia Zakas told The Athletic that a Lisfranc ligament injury occurs "when the foot twists as it goes into plantar flexion, meaning the ankle is pointed downward, and weight is forcibly applied to the ball of the foot."

She says it's usually a 9-12 month full recovery, and she expects Holmgren to be able to return for the 2023-24 season—"but not at 100 percent".

"He likely won’t look like himself on the court until next winter," says Zakas, and what's even more troubling is that even after a year of recovery, Holmgren "still faces a high risk of re-injury." Yikes. 

The fact that the rookie is a lanky 7-feet, 195 pounds, adds another layer of uncertainty. 

Zakas adds, for Holmgren, "his movements need to be carefully studied and mechanics adjusted to prevent future injuries like this one. It can take years to properly improve mechanics so his body can handle playing in the NBA."

It's a devastating loss for the Thunder and Holmgren. His Summer League highlights previewed what could have been an exciting rookie season.