Donovan Mitchell Calls Out Danny Ainge For Jazz Comments

"I don't think that's fair." That's just some of what former Utah Jazz All-Star Donovan Mitchell had to say about his ex-boss Danny Ainge's comments on his team last season. 

Ainge revealed that he didn't think the team believed in each other with Mitchell and Rudy Gobert running the show.  

Mitchell hit back while appearing on The Woj Pod today with Adrian Wojnarowski. 

That’s his assumption after being around for six months, it’s easy to look at things from the outside in and get your own perception on stuff. Despite what the media reports, especially about me and Rudy... granted, we had some differences.

But at the end of the day we were the number one pick-and-roll duo for a lot of last year, we were very efficient together on the floor. There was a lot of things that played into it that we just didn’t have success, you know? … I wouldn’t say this group didn’t believe each other… I wouldn’t say that we didn’t believe in each other. I don’t think that’s fair after (just) six months (of being around the team).”

Mitchell and Gobert, of course, were rumored to mutually dislike each other, and that fed into the perception that the Jazz just couldn't get along. But Spida clearly refutes that. 

In the meantime, Mitchell is thrilled to be with the Cleveland Cavaliers now, and Ainge is presumably happy with the latest haul he brought in for his former star. 

 Photos:  David Richard-USA TODAY Sports, Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports