Marcus Smart Speaks Out On What Celtics Players Know About Ime Udoka Situation

It's been the all-consuming talk of the Boston Celtics training camp—the one-season suspension of their head coach Ime Udoka for an improper sexual relationship and other violations, and all the drama surrounding it. 

So what really happened? Damned if we know, alleges Marcus Smart
That’s the thing, we don’t know anything. So I don’t know what they can and can’t talk about or what the legal reasons are. That’s not my business, and I don’t want it to be. They made a decision. Whatever they feel, they have every right.

Smart, one of the on-court leaders of the Celtics, says they're fine having the legal teams deal with it, so that they can focus on hooping.  

That’s why you have your lawyers and things like that. So whatever they can say, they’ll say. But it’s just tough, because we don’t know what they can say because of that reason. So it’s tough on both sides. But we’re here to play basketball. We’ll let those guys figure it out, and we’ll go from there.

One person with inside sources, however, who feels they know a lot more about the situation, is former NBA player Matt Barnes. He's been saying, based on what he knows, that he'd be surprised if Udoka ever gets another head coaching job in the NBA. 

So how does a former player outside of the organization know more than the guys who played under Udoka? 

“It’s not weird to me, you know?," shrugged Smart. "Somebody that’s not close to the situation in terms of being on the team, I guess it’d probably be a little bit easier for him to get more information than us. So I’m not surprised. It’s how these things can go.

“So we just have to wait and let it run its course and let everyone do their job and wait until they can tell us what they can tell us.”

Photo: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports