Matt Barnes With Shocking New Comments On Udoka: "Be Lucky To Coach Again In NBA"

Former NBA player Matt Barnes dropped a "100 times uglier than we thought" bomb on the Ime Udoka situation last week. In another interview, he doubled down on that with some shocking new statements, telling Vlad TV that it was so bad that Udoka may never coach in the NBA again. 
"It's not about what he did, it's about who he did it with that's really gonna flip the game upside down... It's heavy, you know, it's a lot of sh*t going on.

"If everything comes out he'll be lucky to coach again in the NBA, to be honest with you."

Udoka was suspended by the Boston Celtics for the entire season for what they called conduct that violated team rules and policies. It was in regards to having a consensual relationship with a female Celtics staffer. But according to Barnes, it's a lot deeper than just that. 

Barnes is a commentator on ESPN nowadays, but in his 14-year NBA career, he said he's seen it all with regards to extra-curricular activities between players, staffers, etc. But this incident, he says, crossed the line. 

"I think it's pretty heavy, man. There's some stuff you just can't do. But again, I'm not judging, to each his own, I've made plenty of mistakes, but... If everything comes out it could get extra hot in the kitchen for him."