Jaylen Brown Stresses Importance of Celtics Center

The Boston Celtics have the best winning percentage in the NBA and sit at the top of the Eastern Conference. They currently ride a two-game winning streak and have won six of their last ten games. A lot of that success has been the consistent play of their best two players Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. However, Brown believes Celtics Center Robert Williams III is a missing piece that would make them greater. 

The Celtics had a record of 40-21 with Williams as a starter last season. His defensive presence is what made them win the Eastern Conference and reach the finals. However, the injury to his left knee is what kept him in and out of the Celtics lineup from March of last season. That affected his gameplay going into the finals and was visibly hobbling. 

After receiving arthroscopic surgery in the off-season, he was said to miss 8-12 weeks. Subsequently, Williams missed the first 29 games of the season. Despite Boston's great start without Williams, Brown says that "we need Rob. Rob is amazing. Rob has a special ability on offense and defense, as we've been able to see this year but especially last year."

Williams has only played nine games this season and has averaged 19 minutes. In those games, the Celtics are only 5-4. Although it doesn't seem like a good thing, Williams is slowly getting back into basketball activity. Brown believes the more "we integrate him and use him, the better the team will be."

There is no question that Williams adds an inside defensive presence to the team. On the other end, he is a legitimate pick-and-roll threat, especially as a lob option. The Celtics haven't started him yet this season but will be part of the lineup soon once he gets his footing. 

Williams, nicknamed Time Lord for his leaping ability and defensive presence averaged 10 points 9 rebounds and 2 blocks per game last season. So far this year, he is averaging 8 points, 7 rebounds and 1 block in minimal minutes. The Celtics could look scarier if he gets back to 100%. 

Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports