Pacers Extend Their Star: Is He Off The Trading Block?

It came down to the wire, but it seems like one highly desired player’s fate has been sealed just over a week prior to the NBA trade deadline. Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that the Indiana Pacers have agreed to a two-year contract extension with their star center, Myles Turner. The former 11th overall pick has leveraged a career year into a hefty raise, upping his current salary by $17.1 million and tacking on two more years at a total of $41 million. The deal would seem to scratch Turner off the trade rumor mill, as the Pacers were reportedly only considering trading him if they couldn’t reach an extension agreement.
Per Wojnarowski, the renegotiation of Turner’s 2022 salary is the largest increase in such a case in NBA history. It’s hard to say he hasn’t earned it; though always seen as an excellent defensive player, he was never more than a solid second or third option before now. Without fellow star big Domantas Sabonis clogging up the interior, though, Turner has blossomed into more than just a block-and-board machine. More on-ball reps have led to a rise in points and assists, but the truly impressive aspect is that his efficiency has improved as well, with higher rates in his three-point, free throw, and overall field goal shooting.
The new contract seems to work out for both sides. Turner gets the money he deserves, while the Pacers retained some cap flexibility over the next two years by throwing on some money now, filling up budget space they weren’t using anyways. It’s technically possible that Turner could still be traded at this year’s deadline, but it’s much more likely that he’s wedded to Indiana for the next couple seasons.

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