NBA GM Names "Best Available Player At The Deadline"


"A versatile young player in his prime?" the Eastern Conference GM said. "One thousand percent he would be the best available player at the deadline." That was the word told to NBA Insider Ric Bucher about Toronto Raptors' 3-and-D beast OG Anunoby.

Reports continue to circulate that the 25-year-old wing is not happy and wants a trade to a new situation.

Anunoby leads the NBA in steals this season at 2.1 per game, and in deflections, at 175. He can shoot it from distance, currently at 36.6% (career over 37%), and he is a load to handle down low offensively (at just about 17 points per game). He could be the piece that pushes many "contenders" over the top into championship-caliber territory. 

So there's no doubt that what the Raptors decide to do with Anunoby at the trade deadline—if anything—will have a seismic impact on the league. 

League sources say he would inspire the fiercest trade-deadline bidding war. Reason: his age (25), his size (6-foot-7, 232 pounds), and his tenacious defense (current league leader in steals with 2.1), which accompanies a 17-point average and a dependable 3-point stroke (36%). He has everything teams covet in a forward strong enough to defend the post and quick enough to cover the perimeter in today’s game.

                                                                                       — NBA Insider Ric Bucher 

"OG would be a substantial prize," said a Western Conference scout. "Three-and-D player with size, who rebounds. Reasonable contract."

He's currently earning $17.3M, and has two more years to run on his deal, at $18.5M and then $20M, though the last year is a player option. 

And as Bucher notes, any deal for a similar, though much less talented, and much older player—Jae Crowder—will have to wait until OG's immediate future has been determined. 

Photo: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports