Chicago Bulls Rumors: Team Considers Waiving Veteran Guard

While Russell Westbrook considers his next move, the Chicago Bulls are under strong consideration for the former nine-time All-Star. Which means the days of a one-time All-Star may be numbered in Chicago.

According to a report, Goran Dragic would be the odd man out if Westbrook—or any other noted buyout candidate—is added. Bulls Insider KC Johnson:

If the Bulls don’t add Westbrook, John Wall and Patrick Beverley are names to keep in mind... (They) will need to waive a player to create a roster spot, and their current focus calls into question the future of Goran Dragić.

Chicago is certainly "in the mix" to add a player via the buyout market, and they're currently targeting veteran point guards. 

Their own starting point guard, Lonzo Ball, has been sadly out for over a year now with a mysterious knee injury that simply won't resolve. They are in desperate need for a veteran lead guard. 

Dragic chose to sign with the Bulls as a free agent this past offseason, after being shipped out of Miami in 2021, refusing to play in Toronto in 2022, and finishing the '21-'22 season with an uninspiring 16 games with the Brooklyn Nets.

He's currently averaging 6.4 points and 2.7 assists in 15 minutes per game with the Bulls, his lowest marks since his rookie season, 14 years ago. 

Westbrook is taking his time considering his options; he's already spoken with the Los Angeles Clippers, but Bulls head coach Billy Donovan has been adamant in his desire to bring in Russ, as they worked together for many years at the start of Westbrook's career with the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

All teams are on hold—as is Dragic—until Russ makes his decision.

Photo: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports