NBA Insider Dishes New Intel On James Harden’s Big Offseason Decision

James Harden will be opting out of his contract with the Philadelphia 76ers  to become a free agent. That, we know. But will he re-sign with the Sixers on a longer-term deal to run it back with Joel Embiid and new coach Nick Nurse, or will he bolt for Texas and return to the Houston Rockets? 

According to Shams Charania, he is truly "torn" about which way to go.

"My sense is that James Harden is really torn right now on his free agency decision. I don't think he knows today which way he's going to go... Staying in Philly... or going and returning to... his roots, his family in Houston. 

"I'm told... there will be conversations within the next few weeks, especially within the Sixers — Nick Nurse, Daryl Morey, meeting with them. And the Rockets will have upwards of $60-$70M in cap space. So as we get closer to June 30th, and see exactly what both teams' visions are... I'm told it's going to be close, and I think any sudden movement is certainly possible."

Nurse has already made his pitch at his introductory news conference, saying "I think that winning is always the sell. Can we be good enough to win it all? That's got to be a goal of his, and if it is, then he should stay here and play for us, because I think there's a possibility of that."

Harden, 33, will be turning down his $35.6M player option to become a free agent. He averaged 21 points and a league-leading 10.7 assists this past season, while shooting 38.5% from deep. He was an All-Star in each of his nine seasons in Houston from 2012 to midway through the 2020-21 season.

Photo: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports