Joel Embiid Pulls Surprising Move to Put Pressure On Sixers

As the James Harden drama continues to play out in the City of Brotherly Love, the Philadelphia 76ers franchise player and league MVP Joel Embiid seems to have calculatingly put himself into the fued, by pulling all mentions of the team from his social media accounts. 

Clearly, Embiid is putting pressure on the Sixers front office, by seeding some doubts in their minds. He's already on the record earlier this summer as saying he wants to win a title "either in Philly or somewhere else." 

Harden came out on Monday blasting Sixers chief exec Daryl Morey, calling him a "liar" and that he won't ever play for him again. 

Pundits everywhere are sending out warnings that Philly needs to get this situation under control fast.

Insider Adrian Wojnarowski said, “This is certainly a situation for Philadelphia that they don’t want to domino into Joel Embiid’s future… That clock is always ticking on what it means for your best player and that clock is ticking now for the Sixers and Joel Embiid.”

Obviously, Embiid's importance to the future of the Sixers can't be overstated.

As an MVP, five-time All-NBA selection, six-time All-Star, three-time All-Defensive Team member and two-time scoring champ, the Sixers need to do everything in their power to keep Embiid happy. 

Resolving the Harden conflict so that it doesn't affect their coming season should be Job #1 right now for Morey.  

Photo: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports